WinAmp LCD Plugin

I developed a plugin for winamp to allow it to display id3 tag information on an LCD, ideally to be used as part of a mobile mp3 player.

The software has been written for a 20x4 screen size and an old 120mhz processor. You may have to tweak things for other set ups. Delays between writes to the LCD are especially important. I found the LCD was quite fussy about timing but with some experimentation I was able to speed up the writes to the point that I could write twice to the same LCD line very quickly which gave the impression of text overlaying other text in a trendy 'bit-blit' fashion.

The plugin displays the track title and artist name on the first two lines and a percentage of the played time on the third line. A spectrum analyser takes up the 3rd and 4th lines, overlaying the time on the 3rd line when needed. See pictures, click for larger image.

LCD with Toshiba Libretto

Close up of the LCD

The source for the Winamp LCD plug-in is available here, it was written using Microsoft Visual C++ V5. This code is provided free for your own experimentation. It makes use of Nullsoft's plugin "frame work" and some excellent LCD code by Randy Rasa

Download Winamp LCD plug-in source code

After a few requests I have decided to make available a compiled version of the above, get it here. However I advise you download the source code and tweak for your own individual needs as the compiled version is hardcoded to port 378, for a 20x4 LCD with the timing optimized for for my setup. It wasn't intended for public use. Please don't e-mail me asking why it doesn't work.

Disclaimer. These files are released to the public domain, and are offered "as-is", without warranty of any kind. Because of the number of possible hardware and software environments that these files may be used I cannot guarantee that they will work. The user assumes the entire risk of using this information.

Any questions please e-mail : or ICQ:7010724