Lib-Remote is a small app (for Windows 95/98) that allows you to control Winamp from just two mouse buttons.

Lib-Remote isn't a Winamp plugin. It's a separate app that, as long as Winamp is open, will send Winamp messages on various mouse events.

It's been written to allow me to use my Toshiba Libretto as an MP3 player in the car. The Libretto's built in mouse is perfect for the job, consisting of a small pointer on the open side of the screen with two mouse buttons on the back of the screen. The idea being to grip the edge of the screen / lid, thumb on pointer and two fingers on the buttons behind. When the lid is closed the two mouse buttons are still very usable, two perfect inputs on a closed unit. The Libretto is roughly the size of a VHS cassette, just the right size for lodging down the side of a car seat with the two mouse buttons easily accessible to flick between tracks or even shut down the laptop. Of course this app isn't libretto specific it will work with any other PC too.

Download, 12K file.

Using Lib-Remote
right click- jumps to the next track in the current playlist
left click- jumps to the previous track
double right click- jumps to the next playlist
double left click- jumps to the previous playlist
holding both buttons down will cause a windows shutdown, closing all applications and turning off the Libretto.
pressing Escape closes Lib-Remote and SPACE throws up an About message box.


There's no snazzy interface to help you configure this. You will have to get your hands dirty and delve into the "libremote.ini" file. Open it up in notepad, or any text editor, you'll see something like this :


As the name suggests TotalPlayLists is the total amount of winamp playlists to be read. 'CurrentPlayList' is the one that is used on start up, libremote will update this value so you'll be able to continue listening from where you left off. 'ListPath' is the path to all your play lists, you will need to store all your m3us in the same directory. 1.. 4 (or more) are the filenames of each winamp play list. It's pretty straight foward just change the values as you need to.